Dan Negroni

Dan Negroni

Learn how this lawyer, corporate geek, and “intrepreneur”, who fought his own internal battle for years, broke free when he was approaching 50!

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Dan is the quintessential next generation management and talent development expert solving today’s critical multi-generational workplace issues. Dan leverages his authentic, no-nonsense approach and a successful 30+ year career as a CEO, attorney, senior sales and marketing executive, and master coach to help companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce, and create “next gen” workplace cultures to increase employee relationship-based skills, engagement, productivity and profits.

Dan is an Amazon best-selling author of Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand, Engage and Maximize Next Generation Leaders in the Workplace. He is also the CEO and founder of launchbox and is a master coach of CEOs and millennials. He has trained and mentored over 12,000 millennials and worked with hundreds of companies to
unleash the creativity and potential of their millennial workforce.

Dan was selected as Inc.’s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018 and is a regular keynote presenter at all types of
management and millennial-related events including corporate gatherings, association conferences, industry
events, and sales meetings. For more information visit www.DanNegroni.com.

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