Calvin Wayman

Calvin Wayman

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Imagine you were born into a family so large that the most common question people ask you is “Can remember all of your siblings names?” Calvin Wayman is 1 of 45 kids in his immediate family. Yes, you heard that right – he has 44 siblings! He grew up on a family farm in a religion that still celebrates the practice of polygamy.

In 2015 at 27 years old, Calvin took the plunge to leave everything he ever knew to pursue the life he had always dreamed of. He started selling door-to-door, facing adversity and rejection that would help mold him.

As rocky as his story has been, Calvin has been documenting the entire journey on social media to help others on their own path.

Some of the things he has done are incredible:

– He went from being an employee to building his own business

– He went from $53k in debt to documenting his journey to becoming debt-free

– He went from never even running a marathon before to running a 50-mile ultra-marathon

– He was overweight and lost over 50 pounds

– He dreamed of one day speaking on stage with some of his mentors, and has since shared the stage with people like Brendon Burchard, Lewis Howes, Mel Robbins, Jay Shetty, and Tom Bilyeu

Today, Calvin is a proud papa and successful entrepreneur. He is an international TEDx speaker and the best-selling author of Fish Out of Water. He is also the host of a podcast carrying his name, and he stars in the YouTube show Making The Millionaire: a vlog where he is documenting his story from being $53,000 in debt to making his first one million dollars. Calvin has been featured in 100s of magazines, on television, radio, and podcast shows—including Entrepreneur Magazine, and the Dave Ramsey Show.

Calvin is involved in multiple ventures including acting as the founder of CobbesMedia, a social media agency designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs impact the world.

Simply put, Calvin’s story shows that it doesn’t matter what everyone around you, including the negative voices in your head, tell you about what you can and cannot do. And despite the adversity you’ll face along the way, you have the power to create the life of your dreams.


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